The Music Drama Theater and the Monument in the city of Bukhara.

Customer: Khokimiyat of Bukhara region
Places: Bukhara city
Year of construction: 2010

Turnkey construction

Bukhara, whose history is more than twenty five centuries, is one of our ancient and ever-young cities that have made an invaluable contribution to the development of world civilization. From ancient times it was known throughout the world as the cradle of science, education and culture.

The complex "Bukhoro Madaniy Markazi" built here has a special significance in creative work. On the territory of the complex, which occupies 107 hectares, large constructions have been erected - the regional musical drama theater for 700 seats, the amphitheater for 2000 spectators, the monument "Ancient and Eternal Bukhara". These objects combine deeply thought out modern architectural solutions with national traditions of architecture inherent in Bukhara.

The 18-meter monument, built on the initiative and idea of ​​the country's leader, is made by the well-known sculptor, Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, academician of the Academy of Arts Ilkhom Jabbarov.

Carved out of stone on the pedestal of the monument, the composition depicts three generations and embodies the eternity of life. One group is a happy young family - father, mother and child, in the second part, grandfather and grandson are planting a tree. In the next episode, the father and son build a house. This is the foundation of a wise philosophy: life is eternal, one must do good, after him remain his noble deeds, he must think about the future.

Mounted on a pedestal, a rotating globe with a height of 5 meters and weighing 32 tons is visible from afar. It shows a map of Uzbekistan. And this has a deep meaning: our country, with gaining independence, has become a full-fledged member of the world community, demonstrated its power and potential.