Buildings of the National Academic Drama Theater

Customer: Hokimiyat of Tashkent city
Places: Tashkent city
Year of construction: 2001


The theater was founded in 1914, when Abdullah Aulony created a troupe called "Turon". Later this troupe became a professional drama theater, which received the title of academic theater in 1937 by the decision of the government.

In 2001 the building of the theater was reconstructed. After the repair, the theater completely changed its appearance, equipped with new modern technology from DENKRISER. The ceiling of the auditorium is made by a hanging dome, which depicts clouds floating in the blue sky, and chandeliers resembling petals of flowers are hung around the dome. The building on both sides was expanded by 7.8 meters. On the first floor there is a lobby, on the right side of the second floor there is a music salon "Makom", and on the left there is a guide. On the third floor there is a theater museum. In the basement of the building building a sports hall, a small hall and a wardrobe. In the front there is a bar and two cash desks in the length of the stylobate. There are 540 seats in the theater's audience. In the theater performances are in Uzbek. For spectators who do not speak Uzbek, interesting musical and plastic performances are offered.