14-storeyed office building of NKEIS "Uzbekinvest" on the street. A.Kodiriy

Customer: UE "Uzbekinvest Kurilish"
Places: Tashkent city
Year of construction: 2009


The new administrative building of NEIIC "Uzbekinvest" is a convenient location of the company's office in the center of the capital (Alay market area), as well as the placement in its new building of its subdivisions - the Tashkent city branch and the subsidiary division of the Uzbek "Uzbekinvest Hayot" ICO allowed to increase the efficiency and complexity of the provided insurance services for existing and potential customers of the company.

The facade of the building is made of artificial white marble - glasscrystalline made according to the project in China. The stained glass facade profiles were supplied by the Turkish manufacturer of aluminum profiles CUHADAROGLU. In the development of the concept of the layout of the building, an architect from London with many years of international experience, Ms. SEVIL PEACH, was invited, who gave her invaluable advice. On the upper part of the facade of the building, a unique clock is installed, which automatically spice up time by connecting to a satellite.