Mosque "Minor"

Customer: Hokimiyat of Tashkent city
Places: Tashkent city
Year of construction: 2014

Turnkey construction

The building of the mosque is built in the traditional eastern and Uzbek style, it has two minarets 38 meters high and a sky dome. The interior of the mosque is decorated in the style of "naksh" (carving on ganch) and "mihrab" niche, indicating the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca is decorated not only with sayings from the Koran, but also hadiths.

The mosque is designed for more than 2400 people. All conditions for visitors are created in the mosque. The mosque is equipped with a two-season chiller that provides cold during the summer and warmth during the winter season. External facade systems of stained-glass windows are installed with energy-saving glasses. The facade of the mosque is made of white artificial marble in combination with ceramics made by masters of Uzbekistan.

The basement of the building is made of natural red granite. All the stones of the facade and minaret are mounted in the "dry installation" system which ensures the durability and uniqueness of the facade. In the courtyard there are wooden carved columns and carved ceiling elements in an open aivan made by hand by Uzbek masters.