Customer: International Westminster University in Tashkent
Places: Tashkent city
Year of construction: 2013

Turnkey construction

The year of 2013 was marked by the completion of the construction of new buildings, which significantly expanded the territory of the International Westminster University in Tashkent.
University unveiled its new campus facilities. On the campus, there is now a newly constructed training block, a sports hall, a universal library and a training resource center, offering modern equipment and facilities for the student population, including Wi-Fi zones in all buildings that are located among the pleasant green open spaces. And also renovated the main building and lyceum.
The new training resource center has taken the form of a much larger, spacious three-story building, eclipsing the university's former library.
It contains not only resources for copying from a variety of international and local publishers, but is also equipped with numerous computers that allow users to access a large number of electronic resources that the university covers.
The new funds were developed thanks to the attention and assistance of the Government of Uzbekistan in further strengthening the position of the university as one of the leading suppliers of internationally recognized world class top class qualifications.
The new training block will house most of the courses at the university in a series of bright, spacious, modern and well-furnished classes. Partitions of frosted glass, separating the class and the corridor, create an open and cooperative atmosphere.