National Library named after Alisher Navoi

Customer: Direction of the objects under construction in the Radiocommunication, Radio Broadcasting and Television Center
Places: Tashkent city
Year of construction: 2011

Turnkey construction

One of the most unique and beautiful buildings in Tashkent. The territory in front of the building is lined with white marble, symbolizing the purity of our thoughts and good deeds. Window openings are decorated with openwork grilles in the form of octagonal stars - a symbol of national unity. Thanks to the unique landscape design, musical fountains, this place is very fond of our compatriots and tourists.

The facade of the building is made of natural white marble (manufactured in Greece) under "dry installation". The glazing of the facade is made of energy-saving glass. Aluminum stained glass windows were supplied to Belgian company REYNAERS and installed by installers of Trust 12 in cooperation with specialists of REYNAERS representative office in Tashkent. The installed chandeliers were ordered according to a special design by Uzbek designers and were made in Turkey with gold coating in 23 carats. Chandelier crystals were made by the Egyptian company Asfour Crystal.

In two large foyer there are panels of natural and semiprecious stones made by handmade craftsmen of the Indian company HAYAT MARBLES.

A TV lift is installed, this is a unique monorail transport system for targeted delivery of books. The transport system provides fast targeted delivery of books from the library to the reading rooms and back.

- The total area of ​​the object is 3,65 hectares.

- The area of ​​the book depository is 9132m2 and it provides storage of 20 million books.

- The building has 13 reading rooms with a total area of ​​3202m2.

The library works in a unified system of information transfer with other libraries of the Republic of Uzbekistan and there is an opportunity to exchange information with foreign book funds. There are modern equipment for restoration, scanning and book binding.