MEDIATSENTR of the National Television and Radio Company

Customer: State Unitary Enterprise "Media Center"
Places: Tashkent city
Year of construction: 2011


The new building of the media center was built near the television technical center according to a special plan: 4 studios (two 1000 m2 each and two 600 m2 each), designed to produce multi-series television series and other television products, as well as hardware for these studios, rest rooms, dressing room, training rooms, video library, sound system, dining room and other necessary premises. The media center is equipped with the most modern tele- and radio equipment and equipment produced in the leading countries of the world, supplied by the German company BFE Studio und Medien Systeme Gmbh.

The technological system of the new media center operates in a digital format. The main part of tele-audio equipment and equipment is produced by well-known companies such as Sony, Canon, Vinten, Yamaha, Neumann. The pavilion, intended for production of filming of various concert programs and talk shows with an area of ​​1000 m² and containing more than 300 spectators, is equipped with telescopic seats.