Plant "GM Powertrain Uzbekistan"

Customer: Joint-Stock Company "General Motors Powertrain-Uzbekistan"
Places: Tashkent region
Year of construction: 2012

Turnkey construction

The facility, which was located on the square in 40 hectares, became the first plant of General Motors engines in Uzbekistan. A key feature of the engine manufacturing plant is that this enterprise became the first and only production for casting aluminum cylinder heads in Central Asia. This is truly a unique production, as the "GM Powertrain Uzbekistan" combines foundry and assembly production in one area. Thus, the cost of transportation of components is reduced.

The plant produces more than 225,000 new ECOTEC engines with a capacity of 1.2 liters and 1.5 liters per year for small General Motors cars sold worldwide. 1200 Uzbek specialists work at the plant. The engineering and technical staff of the new enterprise, selected from local specialists, is trained and trained at similar factories of General Motors in the United States, South Korea, India and Hungary.