The mausoleum of Islam Karimov opened in Samarkand
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev participated in the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

Dear compatriots!

Dear Tatyana Akbarovna!

Dear inhabitants of Samarkand!

As you know, these days the 80th anniversary of the birth of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the respected Islam Abduganievich Karimov, is widely celebrated throughout the country.

We just visited Kashkadarya region. Ceremonial opening of the monument to Islam Abduganievich took place in the city of Qarshi.

In continuation of these memorable events, today we are here, in beautiful Samarkand, in this sacred place in connection with yet another historical event.

We gathered for the opening ceremony of the mausoleum of our First President, erected next to the famous Khazrati Khizr complex - the first mosque in ancient Samarkand land.

In this city, which was a witness of the brightest events, where many great personalities found eternal peace, next to the complexes of Khazrati Khizr and Shahi Zinda today appeared another shrine.

You all know that by the will of the First President he was buried in this blessed place.

Of course, we could build a memorial complex on a large area, as a grandiose structure. But we remember that Islam Abduganievich was a very modest, sincere, simple man, he did not like pomposity and luxury.

Our wise man, who has seen many things in his lifetime, understands well: the value of monuments erected in honor of outstanding personalities is measured by the merits of these individuals before their people and the Motherland, good deeds for the sake of future generations, the place they occupy in the hearts of people.

We all know that after the departure from the life of Islam Abduganievich, thousands of people from all over the country, from different parts of the world, came here to pay tribute to his memory. This alone shows that the founder of an independent state, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the First President, who was in charge of the country for 27 years, left a bright mark in the life of our people with his great, truly historical achievements, and enjoyed great authority in the world community.

I'm sure that with the opening of the mausoleum, the flow of visitors will increase even more. This memorial complex will become a sacred place, an object of immense educational significance, where people, especially young people, will always come.

Dear friends!

Speaking of the high honor and respect shown in the memory of our national leader, I think it is appropriate to recall the difficult situation that has arisen in the recent past, which has affected the pain in our hearts.

Unfortunately, under the former totalitarian system, the merits of outstanding personalities, including the leaders of the republic, who devoted their entire lives to the development of our region, were not appreciated. Instead, at times, lies and slander spread about them, which is still remembered bitterly by the representatives of the older generation, our respected veterans.

Our people, for whom humanism, the good memory of man has always been the highest value, absolutely does not accept such injustice. And henceforth we will never allow this.

Honoring individuals who selflessly served the Motherland and the people should become the rule of our life. Only in this way will we be able to deeply understand our national values, which others will respect.

Dear participants of the ceremony!

This unique memorial complex, which appeared before us, was erected as a practical embodiment of love and boundless respect of our people to the immortal memory of Islam Abduganievich, the founder of independent Uzbekistan.

Thousands of builders from all regions of the country for a short time carried out a large-scale creative and public works. When the mausoleum was erected, the traditions of the eastern, in particular national, architecture were used, on the basis of which centuries ago Samarkand's historical monuments, which were loved by Islam Karimov, were created. The source of inspiration for modern architects was the beautiful domes, unique ornament and bright wall patterns of the mausoleums of our great ancestors, such as Amir Temur, Imam Bukhari, Imam Motouridi, Khoja Achror Vali.

I would like you to pay attention to one more important point when you visit the memorial complex. On the portals of the mausoleum are written ayats from the Qur'an and hadith. These sacred words call a person to spiritual purification, a deeper awareness of the meaning of life.

On the walls of the beautiful terrace erected around the mausoleum of the beautiful terrace are depicted the wise words of our First President that life is fleeting, but the good deeds of man and the memory of him are eternal. Indeed, for all of us, the life of Islam Abduganievich himself is a prime example.

I would like to take this opportunity to express sincere gratitude to the architects and builders, representatives of contract organizations participating in the erection of the memorial complex, to the people of Samarkand, to all who contributed to this good work on behalf of our people and on their own behalf.

Dear compatriots!

Our courageous and noble people will never forget the first leader of independent Uzbekistan, Islam Abduganievich Karimov, his enormous services