Machines will stop delivering dirt from construction sites
The construction sites of Tashkent were obliged to have equipment for cleaning the wheels of cars. In addition, control over the transportation of building materials will be strengthened.

Construction companies operating in Tashkent are instructed to organize the washing of the wheels of vehicles leaving construction sites, was reported at a briefing in the city hokimiyat on Tuesday. The order on protection of the environment and prevention of pollution of city streets on October 11 was signed by the capital's khokim Rakhmonbek Usmanov.

For many years trucks were driving mud around the city in the construction of buildings, parks and roads, which also led to an increase in the level of dust in the city. From now on, the responsible persons at the construction sites must monitor the serviceability and cleanliness of the vehicles produced on the streets of the city. In addition, construction waste must be transported by special vehicles only to designated areas.

According to the deputy hokim, the chairman of the women's committee Farida Abdurakhimova, construction sites in the Sergeli district, where new residential areas are being built, are already equipped with points for washing and cleaning the wheels of cars.

According to the order, the transportation of construction waste, sand, soil and other cargo that can pollute the streets must be carried out in specially equipped machines with the preliminary moistening of the cargo. If humidification does not help to prevent environmental pollution, the cargo must be transported only when sheltered by tarpaulin.

In the autumn-winter period, the construction organizations should clean up the roadway adjacent to the construction sites of the roadway from snow, ice, mud, leaves and waste, and, if necessary, by sprinkling the roadway and sidewalks with sand and salt.

In the event of violations of the rights and interests of owners or users of land and real estate on the adjacent to the construction site, construction work can be stopped. The hokims of the districts, the General Directorate of Architecture and Construction and the Inspectorate for Architecture and Quality Control of Construction Works are to submit proposals on this to the khokimiyat.

Violators of established requirements will be held accountable.


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